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About us

Suzhou ZILLION COPPER technology co., LTD. Was established in 2003. We are expert at copper alloy casting, the main production of bronze bushing, copper plate products. The factory is located in Tongli,  Suzhou, 1.5 hours away from Shanghai Hongqiao airport. Factory in combination with years of experience in development and application, further study of interdisciplinary top technology, equipped with advanced testing equipment, advanced process design, long-term in the forefront of the domestic technology, by the exquisite technology and excellent service our products are widely applied in various machinery manufacturing and other industries, has made great progress and achievements.

ZILLION COPPER based on quality, credibility and service to exploring the market, products are constantly sold through the domestic market and worldwide, deeply trusted by users. In order to meet the require from clients, we constantly improve the technology, update the processing equipment, undertake casting, precision processing of various specifications of different brands of copper alloy, copper bar, copper plate, copper valve, copper gear, copper turbine, and large copper sleeve, bearing, piston sleeve.


Contact: SVEN ZOU

Phone: +86 13584281751

Tel: +86 512 63323262

Email: sven@zillioncopper.com

Add: Donggu Road 109, Qiushe development zone, Tongli town, WUjiang district, Suzhou city, Jiangsu province, China

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