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We strictly follow quality management system in the production.Our excellent QA team will guarantee the material quality,processing control and outgoing quality control,just to ensure to meet customers’ requirements perfectly.
● Material Quality Check
● In Process Quality Check
● Final Product Quality Check

Quality Control System

ZILLION COPPER ensure all production is manufactured with the highest quality. We draw on the latest technology when it comes to excellence in part production. Our quality department works within the structure of our quality system to verify that customer requirements are met. All customer drawings are referred to thus, ensuring parts are designed using your exact specifications.

Reports & Studies

Our Quality department is capable of issuing the following reports and studies:
● Full ISR (Initial Sample Run) on all dimensions on print
● PPAP, including dimensional layout, PFMEA, Control Plan, Flowcharting, operator instructions
● Material Certifications for raw material, plating and other services.


Contact: SVEN ZOU

Phone: +86 13584281751

Tel: +86 512 63323262

Email: sven@zillioncopper.com

Add: Donggu Road 109, Qiushe development zone, Tongli town, WUjiang district, Suzhou city, Jiangsu province, China

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