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C63000 Aluminum bronze

C63000 aluminum bronze
High strength and good wear resistance for high strength screw, nut, copper sleeve, sealing ring, and wear-resistant parts, the most prominent feature is its good wear resistance.
Mechanical properties and applications
Aluminum bronze rod has good cutting and grinding performance, can be welded, easy to heat processing molding. Aluminium bronze rod alloy is mainly used in the manufacture of high strength and wear-resistant structural parts such as bracket, gear, shaft sleeve, bushing, nozzle, flange, rocker arm, guide valve, pump rod, cam, fixed nut and so on.
Aluminium bronze generally contains no more than 11.5% aluminum and is sometimes supplemented with appropriate amounts of iron, nickel, manganese and other elements to further improve its performance. Aluminum bronze can be strengthened by heat treatment, its strength is higher than tin bronze, and its high temperature oxidation resistance is better.
Aluminum bronze containing iron and manganese element has high strength and wear resistance, after quenching and tempering can improve the hardness, has good high temperature corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance in the atmosphere, fresh water and sea water corrosion resistance is good, machability is acceptable, welding is not easy to fiber welding, hot state pressure processing is good.
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