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C63020 aluminium nickel bronze

C63020 American standard aluminum bronze sheet | nickel aluminum bronze tube
C63020 aluminium-nickel bronze

Standard: ASTM B150M-1991, B171M-1991A (1992, 1993 edition)

● Features and applications:

C63020 aluminum bronze has good thermal processing property. C63020 aluminum bronze is mainly used as bolts, nuts, seat, plunger, pump shaft, Marine structure parts, etc.

● Chemical composition:

Copper Cu: 74.5 or higher

Iron Fe: 4.0 ~ 5.5

Tin Sn: 0.25 or less

Zinc and zinc: 0.30 or less

Aluminum Al: 10.0 ~ 11.0

Manganese Mn: 1.5 or less

Si Si: 0.15 or less

Chromium Cr: 0.05 or less

Ni Ni: 4.2 ~ 6.0

Tin Sn: 0.25 or less

Cobalt Co: 0.20 or less

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