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What is the role of copper sleeve in mechanical equipment?

What is the role of copper sleeve in mechanical equipment?
Copper sleeve is widely used in the present mechanical equipment. Copper bushing plays a lot of roles in machinery, such as reducing friction, reducing vibration, reducing noise and so on, these are the role of copper bushing in machinery. ZILLION COPPER produced large copper sleeve in the present market is more and more used,  because of long time friction caused by parts wear, this time the need to use copper sleeve. Because it helps reduce friction.
2. What are the characteristics of the copper sleeve?
Wear resistance: the wear resistance of the copper sleeve is still relatively good, different materials of equipment has different characteristics. The internal organization of the copper bushing parts is relatively tight, and there will not be too loose phenomenon. It has no stomata and trachoma, so the copper bushing is relatively bright in appearance, and its color is relatively special.And the most important thing is that its hardness is relatively high.
Corrosion: another characteristic of copper bushing is corrosion resistance, corrosion performance is very good.It is mainly used in the atmosphere and fresh water, because that environment is relatively good.In the process of using copper bushings, it is generally not easy to bite to death.Corrosion resistance of copper bushing is mainly manifested in some chemical elements, such as: dilute sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and fatty acid, and so on elements, so the copper bushing corrosion resistant ability is very good, it is not be killed comparison mainly due to its own characteristics, its performance is better, even without lubricant and lubricant of water quality is still can be normal work, the sliding resistance and self-lubricating performance can still be maintained.
Compression capacity: the compression capacity of the copper sleeve is also relatively good, its surface pressure is very large, can bear the lateral pressure of the bearing very well, in the case of high load pressure copper bushing can also be operated, suitable for low-speed and heavy-duty occasions.
Axle sleeve has a lot of role, and it is convenient for people to repair it, simplify the structure, and in some aspects copper sleeve can also make up for some of the mistakes in machine design.So the bushing can play a role or quite a lot.That's the advantage.
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