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Can tin bronze be red punching [hot forged]?

Can tin bronze be red punching [hot forged]?
Tin bronze: Bronze with tin content between 3 and 14% and with tin as the main alloying element. We call it tin bronze.This alloy has high mechanical properties, wear reduction performance and corrosion resistance, easy to cut processing, but red punching [forging] processing is easy to produce cracks, cold isolation and other defects. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to red punching [forging].
Tin bronze is generally made by traditional casting process, it is the smallest shrinkage of nonferrous metal alloy casting.
Tin bronze castings are widely used in castings with complex shape, clear outline and low requirement for air tightness. They have strong corrosion resistance in atmosphere, sea water, fresh water and steam, and are widely used in steam boilers and Marine ship parts.
Phosphorus-containing tin bronze castings have good mechanical properties and can be used as wear-resistant and elastic parts of high precision working machines.
Lead-bearing tin-bronze castings are commonly used as wear-resisting parts and sliding bearings.
Tin-bronze castings containing zinc can be used as high air tightness castings.
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