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Copper application in automobile

Copper application in automobile: electric drive, electronic control, electronic communication system copper wire, wiring harness, connectors;Packaging and bonding of microelectronic systems;Air conditioning, radiator, water tank copper belt;Gear ring of gearbox synchronizer;Brake, supercharger, oil pipe, valve nozzle.
High conductivity copper alloy: high purity Cu, Cu-MG, Cu-AG, Cu-SN, Cu-FE-P, Cu-Ni-SI, Cu-CR-ZR, can be used in electronic devices, wire harness, motor winding, wire clamp, lead frame, electronic packaging; Red copper tube is mainly used for vehicle air conditioning tube, internal thread tube, waterway tube, heat exchanger tube, communication cable tube, magnetron tube, electronic heat pipe, dry transformer and so on. Small size, light weight, energy saving, clean; Air conditioner copper tube about 2kg per car; Brass, tin bronze, white copper can be used in coaxial cable joints, connectors and elastic conductive components.
Wear resistant copper alloys: complex brass, tin bronze (QSN10-1, QSN6-3-3), tin bronze (QPB17-6), aluminum bronze, CuNiSn... are used in automobile bearings, bushing,bearing shell, supercharger floating bearing, synchronizer tooth ring, hydraulic system, wear resistant parts, etc.
High strength corrosion-resistant copper alloys: brass, white copper, CuNiSn, artistic copper... used in oil and gas pipelines, heat exchange pipelines, decorations, etc.
Copper matrix composites: dispersed copper, CuFe, CuCr, CU-C, etc., used for reverse sensor, resistance welding electrode, high voltage conductive rod, electric brush, IGBT substrate, heavy-duty vehicle braking system, etc.; CuAl composite line and composite row are used in the current-carrying transmission system.

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