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Corrosion of copper alloys used in marine engineering

Corrosion of copper alloys used in marine engineering
Corrosion characteristics of the Marine environment
Marine environment refers to the atmosphere from the sea to the sea bed mud within the scope of the any kind of physical state, including Marine atmospheric zone, splash zone, tidal zone, full immersion zone, sea mud area, copper alloy in different areas of the same sea corrosion resistance is different, and different global ocean, the performance of corrosive also has difference, these differences are caused by corrosion of the following factors: temperature, wind speed, flow velocity, sunshine, salinity, PH, Marine plant-based, etc., can be summarized as: chemical factor, physics factor, biological factor.
For a specific part of a ship or Marine engineering, although they are in the Marine environment, the actual working condition of the part may need to be considered more. For example, the temperature, pressure, oxygen content, vibration and flow rate of corrosive media on the inner and outer walls of copper tubes in the shipboard Shanghai water heat exchanger have a more direct effect. They suffer from more than just seawater.
Corrosion resistance of copper and copper alloys in Marine environment
There are many reasons for the excellent corrosion resistance of copper and copper alloys in seawater.
First, the thermodynamic stability of copper, namely the difficulty of copper ionization. The standard potentials to form Cu2+ and Cu+ are 0.337V (SHE) and 0.521V (SHE), respectively [5].When copper is corroded in seawater, the cathode depolarization reaction of dehydrogenation does not occur, but that of oxygen. Copper corrosion is controlled by an oxygen ionization process.
Second, copper alloy in seawater directly forms cuprous oxide protective film on the surface, and other corrosion products are deposited on it, such as copper chloride, copper hydroxide, copper carbonate or basic copper carbonate and calcium-containing substances.
Third, copper ions are toxic, can prevent the sea vivid, plant aggregation, preventing Marine bioerosion.
The corrosion of copper in seawater is not only slow but also uniform, which is mostly uniform corrosion. However, due to the complexity of Marine environment and the great variation of working conditions of ships and components used in Marine engineering, local corrosion of copper alloys may occur, which is far more harmful than uniform corrosion.
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