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Description of global copper industry chain

Description of global copper industry chain
Copper industrial can be mainly divided into mining, smelting, processing and terminal demand.
Secondly, Global distribution of copper mines:
The global copper mineral resources reserves are about 70 million tons (metal tons), mainly distributed in Chile (30%), Peru (10%), Australia (13%), Mexico (5%), China (4%) and other countries.There are altogether 11 top copper mines in the world (copper resource reserves ≥30 million tons), 6 of which are distributed in Chile, and the rest are distributed in 5 countries including Indonesia, Mongolia, United States, Russia and Australia.
Global distribution of copper smelters:
Global electrolytic copper output of about 23.45 million tons in 2019, mainly in Asia (55.9%) about 13.1 million tons, China to 8.94 million tones (68.2% of Asia, 38.1% of the world). The Americas (19.6%) of about 4.6 million tons of 1.15 million tons. The United States of America (25%, 4.9% of the world), Chile is 2.21 million tons, accounting for 48.2% of the Americas, 9.5% of the world), Europe (16.3%) of about 3.83 million tons, Africa and Oceania amounted to 8.2%.
Distribution of global copper consumption:
2019 is about 23.46 million tons of electrolytic copper consumption in the world, mainly in Asia (70.2%) of about 16.47 million tons of China for 12.48 million tons (accounted for 75.8% of Asia, 53.2% of the world), the Americas (12%) of about 2.82 million tons of 1.81 million tons of the United States of America (64.5%, 7.7% of the world), Europe (17%) of about 3.98 million tons, Africa and Oceania amounted to 1%.
To sum up, there are serious mismatches in the global copper industry chain, with mines mainly distributed in Latin America (accounting for 45%), smelters mainly distributed in Asia (accounting for 55.9%) and consumers mainly in Asia (accounting for 70.2%). At present, the main flow of the industrial chain is from Latin America to Asia for smelting and consumption in Asia. China needs to import large quantities of copper and electrolytic copper. The smelting end of the United States can basically produce and sell itself (ore 1.33 million tons, smelting 1.15 million tons, consumption 1.81 million tons), but consumption has a gap of hundreds of thousands of imports from other Countries in the Americas.
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