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 Classification of common die casting machines
1.Hot chamber die casting machine
Hot chamber die casting machine simple structure, easy to operate, easy to achieve automatic production. simple process, high production efficiency,Less heat and metal loss,The metallic fluid is always in a airtight channel, and the oxidized inclusions are not easily involved and the clean liquid enter the module cavity. good casting quality,Pressure injection is smaller than pressure, and there is no pressurized section in the process of pressure injection. Pressure chamber, punch, gooseneck, nozzle and other heating parts have short service life and are not convenient to replace.
In the present die-casting production, the hot-chamber machine usually produces low-melting alloys such as zinc, tin, lead and thin-walled magnesium alloy die-castings, most of which have clamping force less than 160T, and few of which are more than 400T.Because of its forming characteristics, magnesium alloy is produced by hot chamber and cold chamber for the production of magnesium alloys, the clamping force is usually less than 650T.

2.Horizontal cold chamber die casting machine
Horizontal cold chamber die casting machine specifications and models are comprehensive, the product size and alloy types of the wide range of adaptation, simple production operation, high production efficiency, and connecting peripheral equipment to achieve automatic production, injection stroke control and easy to adjust, different requirements of the die casting process.The disadvantage is that the heat loss of metal liquid in the process of injection is large, the metal liquid is in contact with the air, and it is easy to get involved in the oxide inclusions and air.
At present, the horizontal cold chamber die-casting machine is mainly used for the production of non-ferrous alloys such as aluminum, magnesium and copper, while the application of black metal die-casting is rare.Cold chamber die casting machine' s force from tens of tons to thousands of tons, the largest cold chamber die casting machine for the 5500T.

3.Vertical Die casting machine.
The metal hydraulic injection process of vertical die casting machine involves less air, Convenient for central casting system setting, Hard to maintenance and operation,Occasionally the product is cut off during the production process, low production efficiency. It is mainly medium and small size machine with few consumption in the production process.The current die casting machine is mainly used for special products such as motor rotor die casting production.With the continuous improvement of the casting performance of the horizontal cold chamber die-casting machine, in order to improve the production efficiency, the micro-motor rotor has been use more horizontal cold chamber die-casting machine production.
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