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Features of large copper sleeve

Features of large copper sleeve
The characteristics of the large copper sleeve are high hardness, excellent wear resistance, not prone to seizure, good casting and processing functions, and good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water. It can be used for wear-resistant parts under high load (below 20Mpa) and high sliding speed (8m/s), such as connecting rods, bushes, bearings, gears, worm gears, etc.
Compressive performance: The compressive performance of the copper sleeve is also relatively good. The surface pressure of the copper sleeve of agricultural machinery is very large, which can well withstand the side pressure of the bearing. The copper sleeve can also be operated under high load pressure. It is suitable for use Low speed and heavy load occasions.

Corrosion: Another feature of copper bushings is corrosion resistance and good corrosion function. It is mainly used in the atmosphere and fresh water, because the environment of the bearing steel sleeve is relatively good. In the process of using the copper bushing, it is generally not easy to appear seized. The corrosion resistance of the copper bushing is mainly reflected in some chemical elements. Its function is better. It can still perform normal operations even in the absence of lubricants and water-quality lubricants. The sliding and self-lubricating functions are still Be able to get persistence.
Wear resistance: The wear resistance of the copper sleeve is still relatively good, and equipment with different raw materials has different characteristics. The internal arrangement of the parts of the copper bushing is still relatively tight and will not appear too loose. It has no pores and trachoma, so the surface of the inner wall of the copper bushing looks very smooth from the appearance, and its color is relatively special. And the most important thing is that its hardness is relatively high.
The effect of large copper sleeves in mechanical equipment: Copper sleeves are widely used in current mechanical equipment. Copper bushings play many effects in machinery, such as reducing conflicts, reducing vibration, reducing noise, etc. These are the effects of copper bushings in machinery. Copper sleeves are being used more and more in the current market, and people trust it. In the process of mechanical operation, due to the wear of parts caused by long-term conflicts, copper bushings are needed at this time. It can help it reduce conflicts.
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