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High strength copper alloy

High strength copper alloy
High strength copper alloy strip generally requires yield strength of over 900Mpa and conductivity of about 20%IACS. Mainly used for signal connection, such as VCM shrapnel, headphone shrapnel, SIM card connector, etc. Today's smartphones have thinned by more than 20% in five years, so most of the board-to-board connectors built into the phone are flat and finely spaced, as are all the other phone connectors. The mechanical strength and bending forming performance of brass and tin-phosphor bronze selected originally cannot meet the more and more stringent requirements. Only by using copper-Ni-Si alloy or Ti-Cu and other high performance copper alloys can they meet the requirements of high strength, good bending processing and high conductivity. Cu-Ni-Si alloy or Ti-Cu alloy with the same shape can increase the contact pressure by 12% and Tti-Cu can increase the contact pressure by 22% compared with the original tin-phosphor bronze. The price of titanium copper is much higher than that of Cu-Ni-Si, which is more cost-effective.
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