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How the copper worm gear is shaped according to its characteristics

How the copper worm gear is shaped according to its characteristics
Traditional CAD is often based on the technology of product modeling and lacks the feature information and process information required by the process planning application. Together, the product model expressed by this entity modeling is depicted with low-level information and cannot support the process planning application. High-level information, this status quo has led to difficulties in system integration. Feature modeling technology is one of the most effective and promising methods for processing system information integration.
Planning features of copper worm gear

In terms of solid modeling of the involute tooth profile of worm gears, cylindrical simplified modeling is mostly used to represent the three-dimensional worm gear solid model, which is not conducive to computer-assisted planning and computer-assisted process planning. Moreover, it is impossible to analyze and study the characteristics of the tooth profile. In the meantime, although some systems have realized the generation of three-dimensional modeling and engineering drawings, they have not realized the function of parameter-driven active modeling.

It can be seen that the planning and manufacturing process of worm gears is a complicated process, involving the knowledge system of experts in different disciplines. It not only includes the selection of worm gear materials, the strength check and the optimization planning of worm gears and so on. The planning of the entire worm gear should not only satisfy the basic strength conditions, but also consider factors such as reasonable structure and low cost.

The copper worm gear system is mainly composed of the following modules:

1. The planning of the database system

Establishing a database is the first and most important step of the system planning. The key issue is to clarify and straighten out the process of various worm gears and their interrelationships, and visit them through programming languages.
2. Planning the worm gear and worm accounting module

(1) The calculation methods and specification data of worm gears and worms in all procedures of this module are based on the relevant chapters, and all procedures use the newly announced national legal measurement units.

(2) In order not to make the program too large and messy, in accordance with the requirements of the most common planning requirements, the application scope of each program is specified, and icons are provided to facilitate user inquiries and selections.

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