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Introduction of large copper sleeve

ZILLION COPPER is a non-ferrous metal manufacturer specializing in the production of large copper sleeves, copper castings and other copper products. Oil-free self-lubricating bearings are classified as sliding bearings. They are bearings that operate under sliding friction. The relative shaft is rolling. Generally, it is necessary to assist with smooth system operation. Sliding bearing operation is stable, reliable and noise-free. Under the condition of liquid smoothness, the sliding surface is separated by the smooth oil without direct touch, and friction loss and surface wear can be greatly reduced. The oil film also has a certain effect of absorbing vibration, such as smoothness, heat dissipation, friction reduction, and extended use.
Large copper sleeves can also be made into self-smoothing graphite copper sleeves. High-strength copper alloys are used as the foundation. According to the operating conditions, holes are processed on the working surface and filled with solid smoothing agents. High-strength copper alloys provide a very High load-bearing ability and solid smoothing agent can constitute a lower interference pair. Under dry interference conditions, we plan a layer of pre-smooth film on the bearing surface to ensure that the solid smoothing agent is transferred to the mating part in a short time and form a useful solid smooth film.
In the moving parts, the wear of the parts is caused by long-term friction. When the shaft and hole of the open ground grinding connecting rod bushing are damaged to a certain degree, the parts should be replaced. Therefore, the planner chooses a lower hardness when planning. , The material with better wear resistance is the shaft sleeve or bushing, which can reduce the wear of the shaft and the bearing seat. When the shaft sleeve or the bushing is worn to a certain degree, replace it, which can save the cost of replacing the shaft or the base. In other words, the bushing and the seat are used for interference cooperation, and the shaft is used for the open space cooperation, because no matter what, it is still unable to prevent wear and can only extend the service life, and the shaft parts are relatively simple to process; there are also some designs The personnel do not like the design of the oil-free graphite composite bushing, thinking that it will increase the cost during the production time, but after a period of use, the repair must still be modified in this way, but the simple modification will result in the accuracy of the equipment. The reason for lowering is very simple. Secondary processing cannot guarantee the accuracy of the vacancy of the bearing seat. Although the large copper sleeve is a very small part, it is indispensable, so you must pay attention to quality when choosing.
ZILLION COPPER specializes in the production of various copper alloy products, self-lubricating bearings, tin bronze, aluminum bronze, phosphor bronze, etc.



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