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Maintenance of motor bearings

Maintenance of motor bearings

Equipment maintenance is used in conjunction with the four information databases "Equipment Bearing Ledger", "Motor Ledger", "Equipment Bearing Maintenance Record", and "Motor Maintenance Record", and the <<Bearing Maintenance Reminder Form> is automatically generated. > And <<Motor Maintenance Tips Table>>. The characteristics of the industrial production line are: the equipment runs continuously in three shifts, and the composite bearing is shut down for one day for maintenance equipment every week. The relationship between <<Bearing Maintenance Tips>> and <<Motor Maintenance Tips>> and <<Bearing Maintenance>> and <<Motor Maintenance>> are: the equipment bearings and motor bearings that are due for maintenance are due to the computer according to the last equipment Bearing repair records. Motor bearing maintenance records, automatic query of bearing maintenance cycles (manually formulate maintenance cycles of different bearings), and automatically generate two maintenance schedules, <<Bearing Maintenance Tips>> and <<Motor Maintenance Tips>>.

These two maintenance reminders can be displayed on the screen of the sliding bearing calculation machine, or printed out by a printer, and handed over to the self-lubricating bearing mechanic to complete. Finally, the operator inputs the last maintenance date of each equipment into the computer. The computer automatically checks and calculates that the bearing is not expired. For example, the spindle bearing number of the M01 mill is M011, and the maintenance period is half a year; the maintenance was carried out on March 1, 1995, and the computer equipment maintenance prompt on August 30, 1995, the equipment bearing will not be displayed, but Until September 1, 1995, the computer will display that the equipment bearing has reached the time limit for maintenance. Maintaining the bearings in this way can make the daily maintenance of the equipment a virtuous cycle, and equipment failures caused by poor bearing maintenance are rare.
Why choose bearings and motors as the focus of maintenance?

There are many types of bearings used in industrial production lines, and their loads, speeds, temperatures and environmental conditions are different, and the lubricants added are not the same. Therefore, according to these factors, a reasonable maintenance cycle for each bearing is formulated. After the bearing expires, the management system will first automatically check the maintenance period of the <<Bearing Ledger>>, and then inquire the actual running time of the bearing in the <<Starting Time>>, and then inquire the last maintenance date in the <<Bearing Maintenance>>; , Column <<Bearing Maintenance Reminder Form>>, and print out the number, name and last maintenance date of the bearing to be maintained. The mechanic maintains the bearing according to the table, and then the equipment manager enters the number and date of the maintained bearing into the computer; After the expiration date, the computer lists a new <<Bearing and Motor Maintenance Tips>>. In this way, the bearings are maintained over and over again to avoid human omissions and errors in the maintenance plan. Therefore, to do a good job of bearing maintenance, the key is to determine a reasonable maintenance cycle according to different bearing operating speed, load, temperature and other factors.



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