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Manufacturing precision of copper sleeve mold

Manufacturing precision of copper sleeve mold

The working life of the copper sleeve mold: the unreasonable structure and excessive grain size caused by the heat treatment lead to the decline of the main properties such as the toughness of the mold, the cold and hot fatigue performance, and the wear resistance, which affect the working life of the mold.
Manufacturing cost of copper sleeve mold: As an intermediate or final process of the mold manufacturing process, the cracking, deformation and performance caused by heat treatment will cause the mold to be scrapped in most cases. Increase man-hours and increase mold manufacturing costs. It is the heat treatment technology that is closely related to the mold quality that makes these two technologies mutually promote and improve together in the process of modernization. In recent years, the areas where the international mold heat treatment technology has developed rapidly are vacuum heat treatment technology, surface strengthening technology of copper sleeve molds, and pre-hardening technology of mold materials.
The manufacturing precision of the copper sleeve mold: uneven and incomplete structure transformation and excessive residual stress formed by heat treatment cause deformation of the mold during processing, assembly and use of the mold after heat treatment, thereby reducing the accuracy of the mold, or even scrapping.

Mould strength: improper heat treatment process formulation, irregular heat treatment operation or incomplete heat treatment equipment condition caused the strength (hardness) of the mould to be processed to fail to meet the design requirements.


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