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Characteristics of oil-impregnated bearing lubricants

Characteristics of oil-impregnated bearing lubricants

A. Excellent oil output rate: It has excellent low-start Jiashan oil-free bearing power torque and extremely low friction torque characteristics, so that the operation of the micro motor bearing can easily achieve the ideal effect of light and stable operation and significantly reduced energy consumption!
B. Excellent oxidation resistance: special lubricant for miniature oil-bearing bearings, with ultra-high viscosity index and excellent high and low temperature performance. Under the same conditions as powder metallurgy bearings, the high temperature oxidation resistance and stability are more outstanding, and the sufficient oil film strength is more effectively provided under high temperature conditions, so as to achieve stronger anti-coking ability, and more oil-bearing bearings can effectively avoid oil sludge blockage Micropores.
C Very low evaporation: The special lubricant for miniature oil-bearing bearings has a smaller evaporation loss effect than similar oils under high temperature conditions, and fundamentally guarantees a more reliable and longer lubrication life effect.
D can easily provide a strong oil film for the bearing, form a special and effective protective film on the surface of copper/iron metal, easily greatly reduce running noise, significantly reduce friction resistance and wear, so as to achieve a quieter operation . Even in the case of ultra-high load, it is still easy and effective to avoid the bearing from jamming the shaft.
E It has excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties on metal substrates, is compatible with mineral oil, and has excellent adaptability to sealing materials. It can adapt to nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber and silicone rubber, etc. Seals.
F greatly embodies the characteristics of harmony with nature, well in line with the concept of environmental protection needs, and absolutely eliminates harmful heavy metals.


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