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Nonferrous casting

Nonferrous casting
Nonferrous casting is the basic material for the development of the national economy, aviation, aerospace, automotive, mechanical processing and manufacturing, power, communications, construction, home appliances and other industries are based on the production of nonferrous metal materials. With the rapid development of modern chemical industry, agriculture and science and technology, non-ferrous casting plays an increasingly important role in human development.It is not only an important strategic material in the world, an important means of production, but also an indispensable consumption material in human life.
In the non-ferrous metals, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other non-ferrous metals can be used for non-ferrous casting.Nonferrous metal castings are widely used in machine manufacturing, aviation, automobile, construction and other industries.Steel castings in the use of iron and steel materials accounted for a small share, steel mills are mostly in the form of steel supply, so smelters and processing plants are mostly located in one place.Nonferrous metal castings account for a large share (sometimes nearly half) in the use of nonferrous metal materials, forming a huge and complex cast alloy series. Therefore, nonferrous metal smelters often supply metal ingots with a certain chemical composition for the preparation of various alloys in subsequent processes.Smelters and processing plants are often separated.
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