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Overview of large copper sleeves

Overview of large copper sleeves
Large copper sleeves are also called copper bearings, which are used in sliding rotating machinery to reduce friction while at the same time transmitting thrust and supporting and fixing components. The copper sleeve needs to be lubricated with oil. Copper sleeves are also made of various copper alloys for lubrication of mechanical parts.
Large copper sleeves can also be made into self-lubricating graphite copper sleeves. High-strength copper alloys are used as basic materials. According to the working conditions, holes are machined on the working surface and filled with solid lubricants. High-strength copper alloys provide High load-bearing capacity and solid lubricants can form a lower friction pair. Under dry friction conditions, we design a pre-lubrication film on the bearing surface to ensure that the solid lubricant is transferred to the mating part in a short time and an effective solid lubricating film is formed.
Large copper sleeve: The bushing and the shaft sleeve are selected according to different working conditions. The main conditions are: pressure, speed complex, pressure-speed product, lubrication state, and load properties. Rotary stainless steel coiled bushings have different requirements for movement and axial sliding, and the performance of lubricating oil is also very different. Speed and pressure basically determine the life of the bushing.
In the moving parts, the wear of the parts is caused by long-term friction. When the gap between the shaft and the hole wears the connecting rod bushing to a certain extent, the parts must be replaced. Therefore, the designer chooses the lower hardness when designing. The material with better wear resistance is the shaft sleeve or the bushing, which can reduce the wear of the shaft and the seat. When the shaft sleeve or the sleeve is worn to a certain extent, replace it, which can save the cost of replacing the shaft or the seat. In other words, the bushing and the seat adopt an interference fit, and the shaft adopts a clearance fit, because no matter what is still unavoidable, it can only extend the life, and the shaft parts are relatively easy to process; There are also some new designers who do not like this design of oil-free composite bushings, thinking that it increases the cost during manufacturing, but after a period of use, they still need to be modified in this way when repairing, but the modification is likely to cause equipment degradation. The reason for the reduced accuracy is simple. The position of the seat hole cannot be guaranteed by the secondary processing.
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