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Self-lubricating principle of mounted bearing graphite rods and sliders

Self-lubricating principle of mounted bearing graphite rods and sliders
Self-lubricating bearings and slides embedded with solid lubricant, under the action of friction heat, make the solid lubricant expand, automatically transfer to the friction surface, form a layer of lubrication film, prevent metal-to-metal contact, thereby reducing friction factor and wear loss, and improving the bearing carrying capacity. Metal skeleton, according to the needs of gear pump bearing users, bronze, cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, non-metallic skeleton can be used bakelite, phenolic plastic, nylon and so on.
Second, the characteristics of mounted bearings and slides: Inlaid solid lubricant self-lubricating bearings, slides, is the use of more than 10 kinds of lubrication materials with superior lubrication performance and each with its own special characteristics, some of which can accept the bearing pressure under the extra large load, in 2. On the 5 um thick JDB solid mounted bearing film, the friction speed of 40 m per second can withstand the contact stress of 2800Mpa; Some components, low shear force between molecules, low adhesion force is easy to form molecular slip surface, only 2.5um thickness of the lubrication layer, about 40,000 JDB bronze inlaid bearing slip surface, which plays a key role in the lubrication performance of solid lubricants; Some ingredients at a high temperature of 399 °C have a normal friction factor; Some ingredients have good lubrication performance in normal temperature, normal load, high friction speed, vacuum and atmosphere. In short, the self-lubricating solid lubricant of mounted bearings and slides can adapt to the friction conditions of almost all working conditions. Its friction factor is mostly between 0.006 and 0.09.
Third, the use of mounted bearings and slides: Mounted bearings and slides are used instead of solid lubricants embedded in the skeleton for self-lubricating friction operation, which is ideal for solving the pollution problem of liquid lubricating oil in the lubrication process, so it is widely used in food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and other non-polluting environment equipment. The solid lubricant used in the inlaid bearings and slides has the characteristics of bearing large loads, so it is very suitable for the heavy load, low speed, high temperature, corrosion such as water vapor and inconvenient frequent refueling and lubrication conditions of the oil film, and has been used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, geology, chemical industry, papermaking, bridges, hydraulic hubs, ships, aerospace and other industrial sectors. The most outstanding effects, such as the molten iron crane in steel mills and the 1150 primary rolling mill, have a service life of 6-8 times more than the original bearings. All kinds of rolling mills, shearing machines, cold bed slides (steel pipe pulling), pharmaceutical machines, grinding pots, rubber grinder bearings, floating bearings, textile factory dryers, non-ferrous metal rolling mills, steel plate shaft pin sleeves for heavy vehicles, grinding pots in chemical plants, roller bearings for coal mine conveyors, drilling machine deep rod pump sleeves, protective drill pipe sleeves and guide bushings, slides, cam discs and other effects on various equipment are very obvious.
Fourth, the use of mounted bearings, slide instructions:
(1) The mounted bearings and sliders have been coated with a special grease on the friction surface before leaving the factory. Be sure not to stain the friction table during installation. Do not wipe the grease off!! ! If it is wiped off, please use molybdenum disulfide lithium grease instead of reapplying, but before the trial operation must be run at low speed for a period of time, in order to operate normally, when the heavy load equipment is used, you must buy a special grease from the seller manufacturer to reapply.
( 2 ) When mounting the mounted bearing, a certain sliding clearance must be guaranteed to prevent jamming and damage to the bearing and the machine parts.
(3) When mounting the mounted bearing, it should be ensured that the shaft diameter that is rubbed with it has a good cylindrical degree, so that it has a sufficient contact area with the bearing, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the bearing or be damaged immediately.


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