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The advantages of graphite copper sleeve and cold welding skills of copper parts

The advantages of graphite copper sleeve and cold welding skills of copper parts

1. The welding accuracy is high, and the long pen tip and placement can be touched for repair, welding position, small and medium welding points, and the amount of sauce for the copper sleeve of the injection molding machine after welding. 2. With the use of machinery, the welding surface can be formed, and other functions are enhanced. Environmental protection work process is polluted. 3. Realization of low-entry heat and true cold welding. The microstructure of the metal SOB graphite copper sleeve will not change, and the processing performance will not be affected. 4. Wide screen source electrode, simple operation, economical and practical, high working efficiency, can achieve the function of correction and maintenance. 5. Ferrous metals suitable for non-ferrous metals, almost all metals are conductive.

Copper parts are a very rare cold welding technology. The secret must be a cold welding machine for copper and self-lubricating skateboarders. In use, the production of copper must play a greater role with low heat input. Does not change the state of the metal structure and does not affect the machining performance. Metallurgical bonding gas protection has good adhesion and high welding strength. Welding accuracy is high, so repair and welding position until the tip of the pen can reach the place, accurate welding is small, and the amount of maintenance after welding. It is suitable for non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, and a conductive metal. Almost all of them are multi-purpose. It can be deposited welding, surface strengthening and other functions. Environmental protection, without any pollution during work.



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