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The corrosion behavior of copper nickel alloys

The corrosion behavior of copper-nickel alloys is controlled by oxygen and other oxidants. Copper corrodes, first forming a protective cuprous oxide, then turning into CuCl2.3Cu (OH) 2 or Cu2 (OH) 3Cl to generate a multilayer structure of the corrosion product film. The corrosion rate of Copper-nickel alloy decreased significantly after several days of immersion in seawater. Studies have shown that the long-term corrosion rate of B10 copper-nickel alloy decreased continuously with the immersion time, which could be lower than 2.5&Mu.M/Yr. However, at a temperature of 15-17℃, it takes about 2 to 3 months to form mature corrosion product films on the surface of copper-Nickel alloys.
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