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The most commonly used copper sleeve in construction machinery

The most commonly used copper sleeve in construction machinery

   With the continuous increase and improvement of construction machinery, the demand for components such as copper sleeves and bearings has also increased sharply. Among them, the copper sleeve is the most important part of these components, because it is the core of making the machine work. So how to choose such an important component?
    Copper sleeve is a kind of mechanical lubricating part. Because of the difference in material and process, it is divided into many types. Each kind of copper sleeve has its own characteristics, so the purchase of different industries is slightly different. For construction machinery, graphite copper sleeves are most commonly used. The graphite copper sleeve is made of graphite. The structure of graphite is relatively loose, and it is very simple to open holes, which pave the way for the subsequent operations. The surface of the copper sleeve where the hole is opened is embedded with solid lubricant, thus forming a self-lubricating bearing, which reduces the amount of lubricating oil and enhances the operating efficiency of construction machinery.
    The graphite copper sleeve and the self-lubricating bearing allow the construction machinery to run quickly, while reducing the use of various materials and enhancing work efficiency. Therefore, for complex and precise equipment such as large machinery, heavy machinery, and engineering machinery, it is best to use graphite copper sleeves and self-lubricating bearings to make the products the best and the highest quality.
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