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Grades and standardization of copper and its alloys

Grades and standardization of copper and its alloys
Copper and copper alloys in China are usually classified according to color and lustre, generally divided into four categories. Red copper, refers to pure copper, the main varieties of copper with or without oxygen, common red copper, phosphorus deoxidized copper, silver copper;Brass: Refers to the alloy based on copper and zinc, which can be subdivided into simple brass and complex brass. Complex brass is also named with the third group of elements, such as nickel brass, silicon brass, lead brass and iron brass;Bronze: refers to copper-based alloys other than copper-Nickel and copper-zinc alloys. The main varieties are tin bronze, aluminum bronze, silicon bronze and special bronze (also known as high copper alloys).Cupric: Refers to copper-Nickel alloy.
For these four kinds of copper and alloy, the state has formulated four kinds of standards.The first is the basic standard, in which GB5231-2001 specifies the chemical composition and product shape of processed copper and copper alloy;The second is the standard of chemical analysis method.Third, physical and chemical properties test methods, including resistance coefficient, ultrasonic inspection, eddy current inspection, residual stress, dezincification corrosion, oxygen content of anoxic copper, fracture, grain size, etc.Product standards, including cathodic copper, copper wire ingot for electrical purposes, cast brass ingot, cast bronze ingot, crude copper, copper-beryllium intermediate alloy, copper concentrate and copper alloy processing material standards.
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