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2020-2025 Market Prospect Forecast and Investment Direction of Copper Industry

Research Report on Market Prospect forecast and Investment Direction of Copper Industry in China 2020-2025 issued by China Economic Research Institute
COVID 19 lead to most Chinese smelter factory have to reduce output plan, and production of refined copper also will be affected by current situation, especially to the power grid, real estate, home appliance, transportation, and other areas of the terminal consumer market influence is very big. Also downstream processing enterprises and terminal market affected by COVID19 in terms of relative smelter impact is bigger, so in the copper market under the influence of seasonal factors and the COVID19 were much pressure than the same period last year, copper price also under the pressure, since the second quarter, with the full economic recovery and the real estate market turned from negative to positive, the demand for downstream copper material has increased significantly, which has pushed the copper price to the historical high level in the past two years. This round of copper price rise is a typical stimulus repair, and given the continued spread of the international epidemic and the possibility of further increase in electricity infrastructure investment in the future, copper prices still have room to rise further.
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