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#What are the reasons for the depression of the large copper sleeve?

What are the reasons for the depression of the large copper sleeve?
1. There are residues in the mold cavity, which has been mentioned in the previous reason for the under-casting. However, when it is dented, the residue in the cavity is not necessarily flakes, but has various irregular shapes. The height of the residue above the molding surface is not large, so the depth of entry of the copper casting is also relatively shallow. .
2. In the case of poor performance of the machine injection mechanism, when the working fluid pressure is unstable, the injection pressure is also unstable. The pressure of pushing the metal is discontinuous, causing the skin layer of the copper casting to be formed more than once, but each time the edge position of the skin layer is different, part of the edge of the skin layer in the previous time is not covered by the next time, resulting in strip-shaped depressions .
3. The hot joints of the large copper sleeve are fully filled. When shrinking, although the skin layer has a certain strength, it is still affected by internal shrinkage and the surface is concave, which is called shrinkage.
4. When filling, the gas is squeezed between the metal flow and the cavity wall without being eliminated, and there is a depression in this place. The surface of the depression is smooth and clean, and it is often found in the cavity that is difficult to vent, while the copper casting is on the edge of the end.
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