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What is a maintenance-free bearing

What is a maintenance-free bearing

Maintenance-free bearings generally refer to self-lubricating bearings, which are suitable for self-lubricating bearings in low-speed and medium-load situations where it is difficult to lubricate!

From installation to failure, it is a rolling bearing that can work stably for a long period of time without maintenance.

The technical principle:

By optimizing the geometry and surface finish of the bearing channel, redesigning the maintenance-free bearing retainer, combining the use of high-performance bearing steel with a unique heat treatment process, and improving the accuracy of the steel ball, the amount of grease is greatly reduced. Consumption: Optimized sealing structure makes it easier to store grease and precipitation of lubricating oil into the channel. With the filling of full-life grease, it provides longer-lasting lubrication for rotation. The improvement and application of a number of processes have achieved a huge improvement in bearing performance, eliminating the need for regular maintenance during the life cycle of the bearing.



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