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What to pay attention to when increasing the power of copper worm gear

What to pay attention to when increasing the power of copper worm gear
In order to increase the power of the turbo reducer, non-ferrous metals are generally used as worm gears, and the worms are made of harder steel. Because it is a sliding friction transmission, high heat will be generated during the operation, and there will be gaps in each cooperation surface. The oil becomes thinner due to the increase in temperature, and it simply leaks. The drive pinion helical gear wear of the turbine reducer generally occurs on the reducer of the vertical equipment. It is mainly related to the amount of lubricating oil and the choice of lubricating oil. When the reducer is operating intermittently, when the turbine reducer fails, even if the reducer The seal is good, because the reducer is also closely related to the quality of the bearing and the installation process during the operation and shutdown of the reducer.
Protective work of copper worm gear reducer

1. The oil supply temperature of the turbine reducer. Check this temperature frequently, and adjust the oil supply or the oil cooler supply if it exceeds the range.

2. In addition to detecting the oil supply temperature of the turbine reducer, it is also necessary to detect the temperature of the bearing bracket. The normal temperature of the first shaft is 20-50°C higher than the temperature of the lubricating oil supplied. The temperature of other bearing brackets is higher than that of the lubricating oil. The temperature of the supplied lubricating oil is 10°C higher.

3. It is necessary to use one type of lubricating oil in the oil storage tank of the turbine reducer, and two different lubricating oils cannot be mixed.

What are the reasons for the depression of the copper worm gear?

What are the reasons for the depression of the copper worm gear?

1. There are residues in the mold cavity. This has been mentioned in the previous reasons for under-casting. However, when it occurs, the residue in the cavity does not have to be flakes, but has irregularities. This kind of shape, so the penetration depth of the copper turbine is also relatively shallow.

2. When the function of the injection mechanism of the machine is poor, when the operating fluid pressure is unstable, the injection pressure is also unstable. The pressure of the propelling metal is discontinuous, and the skin layer forming the copper turbine is formed more than once, causing strip-shaped depressions.

3. When filling, the gas is squeezed between the metal flow and the wall surface of the cavity without being eliminated. The concave surface is smooth and clean, and it is difficult to exhaust gas from the cavity, while the copper turbine is on the edge.


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