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Where are the characteristics of copper sleeves (copper castings)

Let's take a look at the unique characteristics of the copper sleeve (copper casting) in the course of use. Now let’s analyze where the characteristics of the copper sleeve are. Only when we truly understand the characteristics of the copper sleeve, where is the DX oil-free bushing, we In order to use it, there is a smooth transition of businessmen to avoid misunderstandings when using it.

 The graphite copper sleeve lubricant sliding bearing, the metal sleeve configuration in the copper matrix develops the friction surface of the DU oil-free bushing, which is expected to be relieved in the appropriate size hole, and embedded molybdenum disulfide or graphite as a solid lubricant , Lubricants with the attributes of automotive products are declining, and solid lubricants are usually from 20 to 30% of the friction surface. The principle of self-lubricating bearing lubricated sliding shaft and bearing friction JDB graphite copper sleeve process, said graphite particles of the shaft and the friction surface of the bearing have extravagant expectations to form a stable solid lubricant for the shaft separator The layer is transferred to the bearing to prevent direct adhesive wear.

The long-term price of metal alloys and integrated non-metal bearing materials, their performance advantages complement the logistics industry, this is a metal with high load capacity, and the lubrication performance of the friction material obtained is expected to be a copper sleeve, which is a reasonable combination.



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