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Current situation of copper industry development

Current situation of copper industry development
The annual output of copper is increasing all over the world and has been increasing rapidly since 1995. Copper, the second largest non-ferrous metal, is the basic material of national economy and national security. China's annual production of copper processing materials has reached 18.16 million tons. How to greatly improve the strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of copper, optimize its quality and reduce its production cost under the premise of ensuring the high conductivity of copper is the research hotspot of contemporary copper alloys. The classification and application of high performance copper alloys in our country there are about 250 kinds of alloy, copper processing near thousand varieties of products, is one of the most abundant varieties of products in the world, with high strength and high conductivity copper alloy series products mainly include: wire and cable, and air conditioning pipe, high super long tube for condenser, radiator pipe, lead frame, high-speed train contact wire, plug components, welding, transformer, cable, pv copper strip, long tubular conductor, environmental protection material, functional materials, alloy wire, copper single crystal copper, high-fidelity wires, etc.
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