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Advantages of continuous casting

Continuous casting is an advanced casting method, which is based on the principle that molten metal is continuously poured into a special metal cavity of the mold and

continuously pulled out from the other end of the mold after being kept in the furnace. It can obtain castings of any length or specific length. The development of continuous casting is an important means of structural optimization in China's metallurgical industry, which will fundamentally change the current situation of low efficiency and high consumption in China's metal material production, promote the development of product structure in the direction of specialization, and drive the research and development of a series of new materials.

Advantages of continuous casting:
Continuous casting has been widely used at CHINA and abroad, such as continuous casting ingot (steel or non-ferrous metal ingot), continuous casting pipe and so on.

Continuous casting has the following advantages over ordinary casting:
1. Due to the rapid cooling of the metal, dense crystallization, uniform structure, and good mechanical properties;
2. In continuous casting, there is no Pouring gate wiht pouring system on the casting, so continuous casting ingots do not need to be cut off from the end when rolling, which saves metal and improves the yield rate;
3. Simplify the working procedure, avoid modeling and other working procedures, thus reducing labor intensity; The production area required is also greatly reduced;
4, continuous casting production easy to achieve mechanization and automation, ingots can also achieve continuous casting and rolling, greatly improving the production efficiency.
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