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Introduction to the varieties of commonly used gaskets

Introduction to the varieties of commonly used gaskets

        There are many types of gaskets, which are divided into three categories: non-metallic, semi-metallic and metallic gaskets according to the subject material of

their structure.
      1. Non-metallic gaskets. Non-metallic gaskets are soft, corrosion-resistant, and inexpensive, but custom-made temperature-resistant copper sleeves have poor

pressure resistance. It is mostly used for flange sealing of medium and low pressure vessels or pipelines at room temperature and medium temperature. Non-metallic

gaskets include rubber gaskets, asbestos gaskets, asbestos rubber copper gaskets, flexible graphite gaskets, and polytetrafluoroethylene gaskets.
       2. Semi-metal gaskets are also called metal composite gaskets. Although non-metallic materials have good flexibility, compressibility, and the load of the bolt

valve copper sleeve can only be one level lower than the strength. But its main determination is that the strength is not high, the resilience is poor, and it is not

suitable for high pressure and high temperature occasions. Therefore, the combined metal material has high strength and good resilience. Can afford the characteristics

of high temperature. It constitutes a gasket that combines the two. It is a semi-metal gasket. Semi-metallic gaskets mainly include metal-clad gaskets, metal surround

gaskets, metal corrugated gaskets, metal tooth-shaped gaskets, and so on.
       3. Metal gasket. Under severe operating conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and frequent load cycles, various metal materials are still the

preferred materials for sealing gaskets. Commonly used materials are copper, aluminum, low carbon steel, stainless steel, chromium-nickel alloy steel, and titanium

monel. Wait. In order to reduce the bolt load and ensure a compact structure, in addition to the narrow width of the metal flat pad as much as possible, various ring

pad structures with line touch characteristics are the preferred method.




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