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The crystallization characteristics of each copper alloy

The crystallization characteristics, casting properties and casting process characteristics of copper alloys are different.
1. Tin bronze: the crystallization is characterized by large crystallization temperature range and wide solidification area.Casting performance of poor fluidity, easy to produce shrinkage, not easy to oxidize.The process is characterized by directional solidification (sequential solidification) for thick wall parts, simultaneous solidification for complex thin wall parts and general thick wall parts.
2. Aluminum bronze and aluminum brass: the crystallization characteristic is the crystallization temperature range is small, is the layer by layer solidification characteristic.Casting performance of good fluidity, easy to form concentrated shrinkage, easy oxidation.The characteristic of the process is that the casting system of aluminum bronze is bottom type and that of aluminum brass is open type.
3. Silicon brass: the crystal characteristic is between tin bronze and aluminum bronze.The casting is best (in special brass).The process is characterized by sequential solidification process, mid-injection pouring system, small size of dark riser.

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