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Types and usus of important copper alloys

Types and usus of important copper alloys:
Brass, an alloy of copper with zinc, gets its name from its yellow color. The mechanical property of brass and wear-resisting property are very good, can be used for manufacturing precision instruments, ship parts, gun shells... The tapping sounds of the brass is very pleasant, so gongs, cymbals, bells, horns and other instruments are made of brass.
An alloy of copper mainly added elements were zinc and tin, which is resistant to seawater erosion and can be used to make ship parts and equalizer.
The alloy of copper with tin is called bronze. Bronze generally has better corrosion resistance, wear resistance, casting and excellent mechanical properties. Used for manufacturing precision bearings, high pressure bearings, Marine corrosion resistant mechanical parts and various plates, pipes, rods, etc.
Copper alloy with phosphorus bronze. Mainly used for wear-resistant parts and elastic components
White copper is an alloy of copper with nickel. Its color is the same as that of silver. It is often used in the manufacture of coins, appliances, instruments and ornaments.
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