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Centrifugal casting

Centrifugal casting is a technique and method of injecting liquid metal into high speed rotating mold. Because of the centrifugal motion, the liquid metal can fill the mold well in the radial direction and form the free surface of the casting. Cylindrical inner hole can be obtained without core. Helps to remove air and inclusions from liquid metal, affects the crystallization process of the metal and improves the mechanical and physical properties of the casting. According to the spatial position of the rotating axis of the mold, the common centrifugal casting can be divided into horizontal centrifugal casting and vertical centrifugal casting. Centrifugal casting in which the rotating axis of the mold is horizontal or at a small (4°) Angle to the horizontal is called horizontal centrifugal casting. Centrifugal casting in which the rotating axis of the mold is perpendicular is called vertical centrifugal casting. Centrifugal casting in which the rotary axis of the mold has a large Angle with both horizontal and vertical lines is called oblique centrifugal casting, but it is rarely used.

Technical characteristics
(1) there is almost no metal consumption of pouring system and riser system, improve the production rate.
(2) can be produced without core, so in the production of long tubular casting can greatly improve the metal filling capacity, reduce the ratio of casting wall thickness to length or diameter, simplify the production process of sleeve and tube castings.
(3) high density, less porosity and slag inclusion and other defects, high mechanical properties.
(4) facilitate the manufacture of cylinder, cover type of composite metal castings, such as copper bushing with steel, bimetal roll, etc., When forming processing the filling capacity of metal can be improved by centrifugal movement, so thin wall type castings can be produced.
(1) there are certain limitations in the production of profiled castings.
(2) the diameter of the inner hole is not accurate, the surface of the inner hole is rough, the quality is poor, the machining margin is large.
(3) castings are prone to specific gravity segregation, especially for alloy that the proportion of impurities in casting is greater than that of liquid metal.

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