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Aluminum bronze

Aluminum bronze is a copper alloy with aluminum as the main alloying element, aluminum bronze containing iron and manganese belonging to high strength and heat resistant bronze. Aluminum content is generally not more than 11.5%, and sometimes an appropriate amount of iron, nickel, manganese and other elements are added to further improve the performance. Aluminum bronze can be heat treated to strengthen, its strength is higher than tin bronze, high temperature oxidation resistance is better. It has high strength and good wear resistance. Ordinary used for screw, nut, bushings, sealing ring and wear-resistant parts with high strength, the most prominent feature is its good wear resistance. Aluminum bronze has many excellent properties. Aluminum bronze has high strength, hardness and wear resistance, it is often used to manufacture gear blank, gear shaft and other parts. Also has the very good corrosion resistance, therefore can be used to manufacture the corrosion resistance parts, such as propeller, valve and so on. Aluminum bronze no spark when impacting and can be used to make non-spark tool materials. With excellent thermal conductivity and stable stiffness, as a mold material, won't sticking to mold when stretched, scratch the workpiece.
Has become a new mold material, aluminum bronze has been developed as a shape memory alloy because of its shape memory effect. Aluminum bronze alloys are relatively cheap and have become a partial substitute for some expensive metal materials, such as tin bronze, nickel alloys. Because of its excellent characteristics, aluminum bronze is more and more accepted and plays an important role in civil and military industries. The influence of chemical composition on the microstructure and properties of aluminum bronze has always been a focus of attention. First of all, there is no clear definition of chemical composition as to whether the alloy is good or bad. For example, the addition of iron to aluminum bronze generally plays a role in refining crystalline grain, reducing the "spontaneous tempering brittleness" and improving mechanical properties. However, when the iron content is high, the iron will precipitate out as Fe3Al2 compound, which reduces the mechanical properties of the alloy, so the iron content will not exceed 5%. There is also zinc element, many studies believe that it with the matrix metal solid solution, can improve the plasticity of the metal, but also some studies believe that it is an impurity element. It can be seen from this that the role of alloying elements cannot be generalized.
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