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Ductility of copper

Copper is a relatively pure copper, generally can be approximately considered as pure copper, whether ductility, conductivity, plasticity are better, but the strength, hardness is poor. Pure industrial copper with a melting point of 1083℃ c and a relative density of 8.9g/cm3, five times that of magnesium. About 15 percent heavier than ordinary steel. It has rose red color, after oxidation  the surface of the oxide film became purple, so commonly known as red copper. Much more widely than pure iron, 50 percent of copper is electrolytically purified into pure copper each year for electrical use. Copper containing over 99.95% called pure copper. Even a few impurities, especially phosphorus, arsenic and aluminum, can greatly reduce the conductivity of copper. The oxygen in copper (simply mixed with a small amount of oxygen when refining copper) has a great influence on the conductivity. In particular, lead, antimony, bismuth and other impurities will make the crystallization of copper can not join together, forming hot shortness, will also affect the pure copper. High purity copper is generally refined by electrolysis with impure copper(crude copper) as anode, pure copper as cathode, and copper sulfate solution as electrolyte. When the current goes through, the impure copper on the anode melts and the pure copper is deposited on the cathode. This refined electrolysis of pure copper up to 99.99%. Red copper is endowed with very good ductility. LIke a drop of pure copper, it can be pulled up to two kilometers of filaments, or olled into plain foil larger than a bed. Copper's most valuable property is that it conducts electricity so well that it is second only to silver among all metals. But copper is  much cheaper than silver that it has become a major player in the electrical industry.
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