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Copper resource distribution

International copper resources are extremely rich, according to the 2013 USGS data, the global copper reserves of 68 million tons.
Chile ranks first, with 19.0 million tons of reserves, accounting for 27.94% of the total international reserves.Australia is second, with reserves of 86 million tons, or 12.65 percent;Peru is third with 76m tonnes, accounting for 11.18%, while Mexico is fourth with 38m tonnes and 5.59%.This is followed by the United States (39 million tons), China (30 million tons), Russia (30 million tons), Indonesia (28 million tons), Poland (26 million tons), Zambia (20 million tons) and the democratic republic of the Congo (20 million tons). The reserves of these 11 countries account for 85.74% of the total international reserves.
Chile is the world's richest copper country, with more than a quarter of the world's proven reserves.
Australia was second with 12.6 per cent and Peru third with 10.1 per cent.
The reserves of Chile and Peru exceed 37.6% of the total international copper reserves, making Latin America the core source of international copper resources and exerting a growing influence on the international copper market.

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