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The application of aluminum bronze in life

Aluminum bronze produces no spark under impact and can be used to make non-spark tool materials. With excellent thermal conductivity and stable stiffness, as a mold material in the stretching and rolling stainless steel plate heat exchanger will not produce adhesive mold, scratch the workpiece and other advantages, has become a new mold material.
Aluminum bronze has many excellent properties, it is because of the fine characteristics of aluminum bronze, more and more popular, playing an important role in civil and military industry.Aluminum bronze has very high strength, hardness and wear resistance, it is often used to make gear blank, thread and other parts, with good corrosion resistance, so it can be used to make corrosion resistant parts, such as propeller, valve and so on.
Aluminum bronze has been developed as a shape memory alloy because of its shape memory effect. Aluminum bronze alloys are relatively cheap and have become a partial substitute for some expensive metal materials, such as replacing tin bronze, stainless steel and nickel-based alloys.
High strength wear-resistant parts box parts working below 400℃, such as bearings, shaft sleeve, gear, spherical seat, nut, flange and so on.
Qal9-4: with high strength, good anti-friction and corrosion resistance, it can be hot processed and welded, but not easy to brazing. QAL7: high strength and elasticity, high corrosion resistance in atmosphere, fresh water, sea water and some acids, hot and cold pressure processing, electric welding and gas welding, not easy brazing.

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