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The resource distribution of copper

Copper content of about 0.01% in the crust in individual copper deposits, copper content can reach 3% ~ 5% and more copper to copper mineral compounds which exist in nature in 2014, the U.S. geological survey to evaluate the global copper deposit, discover proven is about 2.1 billion tons of copper content in copper resources, for the exploration of resources is expected to 3.5 billion tons of copper based on the resources bureau in 2015, according to data from global copper reserves of about 700 million tonsIncluding: Chile 209 million tons, 093 million tons of Australia, Peru, 068 million tons, 035 million tons in the United States, Mexico, 038 million tons, 030 million tons in China, Russia, 030 million tons of 025 million tons of Indonesia, Poland, 026 million tons, 020 million tons of Zambia, Congo (kinshasa) 020 million tons, 011 million tons of Canada, kazakhstan 006 million tons, 090 million tons of other countries.

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