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What are the important alloys of copper?

One gram of red copper can be pulled into fine wires 3,000 meters long. Pure copper is second only to silver in electrical and thermal conductivity.The color of copper is like gold, but red, and the color of hydrated copper ions is blue.Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, so it gets its name because of its yellow color.The mechanical function of brass and wear-resisting function are very good, can be used for the manufacture of precision instruments, ship parts, gun shell and so on.Brass sounded good, so gongs, bells, horns and other instruments are made of brass. The alloy of bronze, copper and tin, is called bronze.In ancient times it was a common alloy (as in China's Bronze Age).Bronze generally has better corrosion resistance, wear resistance, casting and excellent mechanical functions.Used for manufacturing fine bearing, high pressure bearing, Marine corrosion resistant mechanical parts and various plates, pipes, rods, etc. phosphorus bronze copper and tin, phosphorus alloy, strong, can make tension spring.


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