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How to distinguish copper from alloy copper?

One of the simplest methods is to "wipe the face and see the color", using a piece of fine

sandpaper on the identification object used to polish, such as rose red is copper,

otherwise the color is different types of copper alloy.To judge the correctness of the

color, you can first look for a enameled wire or wire sand to see, that is copper rather

than copper alloy.
Copper is composed of copper alone, and if any other metal exists, it exists in very small

quantities as an impurity.Copper alloy is different, it is composed of copper and other

metal alloy, such as copper zinc alloy for brass, copper tin alloy for bronze, copper with

beryllium for beryllium bronze, copper aluminum iron alloy for aluminum iron bronze and so

Three copper applications are generally conductive parts, such as bus, wire and cable,

enameled wire and so on.Copper alloys are used in a wide range of applications, from screws

and nuts to waveguides, springs and reeds, early pull chains, lamps and lamps.
Four copper is softer, the elongation is larger, the copper alloy is harder, the elongation

is slightly smaller.

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