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Different kinds of copper choose cutting fluid

1. The strength of pure copper is relatively low, the hardness is low, can not heat treatment strengthening, can only through cold processing deformation strengthening, but because of the plasticity, copper cutting and pure aluminum is not good, deformation strengthening tendency is large, easy to stick to the knife, it is difficult to cut smooth processed surface.Generally choose a good lubrication anti - friction cutting fluid.
2. Red copper gets its name from its purplish red color. It is not necessarily pure copper, and is sometimes added with a small amount of deoxidized or other elements to improve the material and properties, and is therefore classified as a copper alloy.
3 Brass strength, hardness is higher than red copper, but a certain brittleness, easy to produce chip collapse, cutting performance is better, generally can choose the non-active anti-friction emulsifying cutting fluid and micro-emulsifying cutting fluid, with high speed steel tool finishing can choose the non-active extreme pressure cutting fluid.
4. The strength and hardness of bronze, especially broken bronze, can be greater than ordinary emulsifying cutting fluid and micro-emulsifying cutting fluid.

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