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How is the bending deformation of the crankshaft tested?

How is the bending deformation of the crankshaft tested?

    How is the bending deformation of the crankshaft tested? Answer: After the crankshaft is bent and deformed, eccentric wear occurs on the working surface of the cylinder, the small end of the connecting rod copper sleeve and the connecting rod bushing have overheated and early wear of the bearing steel sleeve, and the crankshaft is ground into a cone shape. Therefore, in the compressor overhaul or mid-repair, the bending of the crankshaft should be checked, so that the corresponding measures can be taken as soon as possible to avoid greater damage to the copper bushing of the agricultural machinery. Before inspection, the crankshaft needs to be scrubbed clean and placed on the "V"-shaped frame of the inspection platform, or the center holes at both ends of the crankshaft should be pushed on the lathe with a thimble, and then the dial indicator should be used for inspection. When inspecting, align the dial indicator at the measuring point with one or two main journals in the middle of the crankshaft. After slowly turning the crankshaft one circle by hand, the pendulum indicated on the dial indicator is the bending pendulum of the crankshaft. However, it must be pointed out that the results of the copper sleeve of the cylinder earrings measured in this way may also have a large error, because it also involves the out-of-round condition of the two main journals supported on the "V" frame and the middle main journal. See if it has an effect on the crankshaft flexure; if it does, adjust the crankshaft flexure according to the situation. The out-of-roundness of the middle main journal can be measured with an outer diameter dial indicator or a crankshaft indicator.
Support the out-of-round condition of the two main journals on the "V"-shaped frame. You can use a dial indicator to check that there is no wear at the flywheel. The measured out-of-round condition can represent the support in the "V" The out-of-round condition of the two main journals on the form frame. Incidentally, the curvature of the shaft refers to the ratio of the distance from the theoretical centerline of the center line of the shaft to the measured shaft length. In repair production, for specific parts, since the length of the part has been determined, it usually refers to the degree of deviation between the two. At the same time, considering the convenience of middle work, in actual use, the bending degree is often expressed by the bending swing difference. The bending swing difference is twice the bending degree.




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