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What is a powder metallurgy bearing?

What is a powder metallurgy bearing?

Powder metallurgy bearings do not need to add lubricating oil for a long time.

  The higher the porosity of powder metallurgy bearings, the more oil storage, but the more porous diesel engine copper sleeves, the lower its strength.

  This type of bearing is often in a state of mixed lubrication, and sometimes powder metallurgy bearings can also form film lubrication, which is often used to supplement lubricating oil with difficulty and light load the situation with low speed.

According to different working conditions, powder metallurgy bearings with different oil content are selected. When the oil content is large, the JTW self-lubricating gasket can be used without supplementary lubricating oil

And low-load applications; low oil content can be used under heavy loads and high speeds; graphite-containing powder metallurgy bearings, because the graphite itself has lubrication

Slippery, which can improve the safety of the bearing, its disadvantage is that the strength is low; in the case of no corrosion, consider choosing low-cost, high-strength iron

Base powder metallurgy bearings, but the matching journal hardness should be appropriately increased.




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