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What are the advantages of aluminum bronze@

Because of the difference in aluminum content, special aluminum bronze has higher strength and hardness than alloy steel. It is widely used in force structure parts, transmission parts and others. In addition, because of its outstanding corrosion resistance, pressure resistance and wear resistance also used in high-speed train transmission shaft gear. Aluminum bronze can be heat treated to imprve strenth, its strength is higher than tin bronze, high temperature oxidation resistance is better. Aluminum bronze containing iron, manganese elements were much enhance strength, after quenching, tempering can improve the hardness. It has good high temperature corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, fresh water and seawater. Cutting performance good but it's hard to welding, it has outstanding characteristic hot pressing products.
ZILLION COPPER is a professional manufacturer of various bronze tubes, rods, plates and shaped bronze profiles.


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