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The properties of the copper@

Copper, with an atomic number of 29 in the periodic table, belongs to the first subgroup. Copper is a kind of rose red color metal, soft, with metallic luster, density of 8.92 g/cm³. melting point is 1083.5 ℃, boiling point is 2595 ℃, ductility, flexible, good strength, in terms of electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, copper second only to silver. It has face-centered cubic lattice, copper with its compounds are non-magnetic. The vapor pressure of copper at the melting point is very small, so it will not volatile when metallurgical process. Liquid copper can dissolve some gas such as H2, O2, SO2, CO2, CO, and water vapor, dissolved gas on the mechanical properties and electrical conductivity of copper all have certain influence, pure copper with dry air at room temperature and wet air doesn't work, but in CO2 in wet air, the surface will produce green film CuCO3Cu (OH) 2 called patina, it is keeped copper from corrosion. When copper is heated to 185℃, it begins to react with oxygen, a layer of dark red copper oxide on the surface. When copper is heated over 350℃,the color gets darker and darker until it's black. copper can be dissolved in nitric acid and sulfuric acid with oxidizer, copper can be dissolved in ammonia water, and can also be combined directly with oxygen, halogen and other elements.
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