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H59 brass@

H59 has a wide range of applications, high strength, hardness and good plasticity, good processing performance after heating, corrosion resistance is not as good as tin bronze, other properties similar with H62.

Chemical composition
Copper Cu: 57.0 ~ 60.0
Zinc Zn: allowance
Lead Pb: 0.5 or less
Phosphor P: 0.01 or less
Iron Fe: 0.3 or less
Stibium: 0.01 or less
Bi Bi: 0.003 or less
Note: ≤1.0(impurities)

Mechanical properties of
Tensile strength b (MPa) : ≥294
Elongation = 10 (%) : ≥25

Heat treatment specification: hot processing temperature 730 ~ 820℃; Annealing temperature 600 ~ 670℃.

The material performance
Density: 8.5 g/cm3

Commonly used: in general machinery, often used for wear - resistant parts. Can do all kinds of deep drawing and bending manufacturing parts, such as pin, rivet, washer, nut, pipe, barometer spring, screen, radiator parts.

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