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Tin brass is resistant to corrosion in both fresh and sea water, also called naval brass. Generally the content of tin is 1%, which reduces the plasticity of the alloy. According to the amount of zinc in the alloy, it is divided into brass and tin brass. Such as 70cu-29zn-1sn, has good mechanical properties, the soft tensile strength is 350MPa, elongation of 60%, excellent cold-working performance, can withstand hot rolling and hot extrusion, but can not hot stamping and forging. It is widely used for high strength corrosion resistant condensing tube in ships and thermal power plants. This kind of alloy has a tendency to stress corrosion and crack, so the cold working pipes must be annealed at low temperature to relieve the stress. Tin brass, such as 62cu-37zn-1sn has good mechanical properties. Its soft tensile strength is 380MPa and its elongation is 40%. It can be processed by cold and hot pressure, free cutting, good weldability, high corrosion resistance in seawater, suitable for ship parts and other parts corrosion resistance performance.

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