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A brief introduction to red copper

Copper, with good electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent plasticity, easy to make hot and cold pressure, can be made into tubes, rods, wires, strips, belts, plates, foil and other copper materials.Red copper because of high purity, oxygen content is very low, no pores, cracks, impurities, conductive function is good.The surface finish of the electroerosion mold is high, after heat treatment technology, the electrode has no direction, suitable for fine beating, fine beating.Now many used in the manufacture of electric wires, cables, brushes, edm special electric corrosion copper and other electrical conductivity outstanding products, magnetic instruments to prevent magnetic interference, appearance, such as compass, aviation appearance.Copper sulfate in agriculture and forestry can prevent diseases and insects, control the growth of algae in water.

ZILLION COPPER is a professional manufacturer of various bronze tubes, rods, plates and shaped bronze profiles.


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